Assemblyman Dancer Invites the AHS FFA To Share How FFA Has Impacted Their Lives

posted Mar 31, 2016, 11:32 AM by   [ updated Mar 31, 2016, 12:02 PM ]

On Wednesday, March 3, 2016, I was honored to join several Allentown High School FFA members in response to an initiative of Assemblyman Ron Dancer, a strong supporter of vocational agriculture programming in the state, to provide testimony regarding a proposed bill related to FFA.

Our students testified about the importance of FFA and Agricultural Education in the development of well-rounded, passionate students. The students shared some of their own stories of how FFA has impacted our lives.

In attendance with me was Renée Stillwell, Jeremy Posluszny, Madison Lofgren, along with the NJ Jersey State Officers Hope Cahill, Hannah Mann, Myranda Bond and Morgan Rutar, and Stuart Faunce (Vice-President of the Allentown FFA Alumni and past NJ FFA State Officer).

Renee Stillwell is not only the AHS FFA President but comes from a family of FFA'ers. She has her own sheep production business and has also raised pigs in the past.

Jeremy Posluszny is more of the non-traditional FFA member who is advocating the awareness about the use of technology in agriculture and other non-traditional methods that someone can be involved without "having to live on a farm".

Madison Lofgren is one of our Choice Academic Academy student who chose to come to Allentown specifically so she could be involved in the FFA and take the Agricultural Education classes offered here because this is what she loves and is passionate about.

FFA Advisor Denise Emmons described how honored and excited the students were to represent Allentown High School.

“The pride they had in the fact that an organization that they hold close to their hearts was getting recognition on the state level was barely contained. They take so much pride in everything they do for this chapter, our state, and the National organization and being recognized in such an esteemed way just helped cement their belief that what they are doing is a good thing and something that needs to continue for many more generations,” Mrs. Emmons said.

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L to R;  Stuart Faunce, Assemblyman Parker Space, Jeremy Posluszny, Madison Lofgren, Renée Stillwell, Assemblyman Ronald Dancer, Assemblyman Bob Andrzeiczak, Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling, Assemblywoman  Angela McKnight, NJ Jersey State Officers Hope Cahill, Hannah Mann, Myranda Bond, Morgan Rutar

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L to R: Madison Lofgren, Jeremy Posluszny, and Renée Stillwell