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The children of the Newell Elementary School had a great Halloween Day! They loved marching around their school, demonstrated  pride in their costumes, and celebrated this special day for kids with joy in their hearts! 


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The Allentown High School Chapter of the National Honor Society held their 2016 - 2017 Induction Ceremony on Tuesday evening in the Allentown High School Auditorium.  Seventy-three new members were honored and were invited to represent our district as representatives of this nationally recognized honor society. The newly inducted students will join the returning members from last year, to equal one hundred and thirty-four members for the 2016-2017 school year. Mrs. Joann Snook paid a special tribute to the large number of students that qualified for this very special recognition. She inspired the newly inducted members of the National Honor Society to remain focused on the following four traits: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. These are the very same traits that were measured and that resulted in their selection for membership in this prestigious society.          


Michael Dean . . . Our True Upper Freehold Hero

posted Apr 16, 2016, 6:18 AM by Dick Fitzpatrick

Dear Colleagues, Parents and Students,

Please join me in thanking one of our dedicated and talented educators for his ongoing bravery and courage. Tonight, I write this message with a heavy heart as I bring closure to what has been a very sad day for many of us.  Today we wished our Technology Manager, Mr. Michael Dean, a fond farewell as he completed his preparations for his assignment for the next half of 2016.  Mr. Dean is a member of the Navy Reserve and has been called, once again, to serve his country as well as all of the children and families of Allentown, Upper Freehold, New Jersey and America!

 I say once again because when I first Interviewed Mr. Dean I was the Superintendent of Schools in Colt’s Neck. Our Colt’s Neck Committee was very impressed with this committed, knowledgeable, and bright former Math Teacher that we interviewed.  He was a math teacher from Allentown High School and quickly emerged as our first choice for the position of the Director of Technology. I offered this talented educator the position and felt I had found the man that we needed to take us to the next level in technology. Just days before his first day, he called me and said, “I have to withdraw from the position.  I never could have anticipated his answer when I asked him, “Why? How could you do this to me?” He responded, “My country has called upon me to serve in US Navy stationed in Afghanistan for the next two years!” He was not angry, he was not bitter; he simply felt that his country called him to duty and he must honor and respect the call. 

Years went by and I came to this wonderful place that I love so very much. About a year and a half ago our Technology Manager found a school district close to his home and decided to eliminate the stress of a long daily commute and accepted their offer.  I posted the position and we had a large number of applicants.  I was sorting through the resumes and was shocked to find an application from the very man I hired and lost before he could work a day. After interviewing thirteen candidates, the search committee reduced the list to a short list of finalists and yes, there was a familiar name at the top of the list, Mr. Michael Dean.

Mr. Dean has been a remarkable educator, tech advocate, and thinker.  He loves his work, our staff, and all our kids.  He has done more for UFRSD technology in the short time he has been here than anyone could have ever imagined. He took the concept of a one to one computer initiative and made it a tremendous success and set sparks flying for the future of technology in our district. Just when we started to prepare for the next phase of the initiative, I was stunned when he shared with me that as part of the US “Boots on the Ground Initiative” he was called back to duty in Afghanistan for six months.  Once again he has been asked to serve the people of the US and leave his family to preserve and protect my children, my grandchildren, my Upper Freehold children, and the families that have made our school district a wonderful place to live.

Once again, I am joined by my Upper Freehold family as we bid Michael farewell, and a safe landing in Afghanistan.  He will remain in my prayers as well as the prayers of our wonderful faculty and staff while he is embedded in this war torn region.  There is one thing I know with certainty. Mr. Dean has a home here and we will all keep our candles burning in our windows until he comes back home where he belongs. He has become my brother, our brother, my friend, our friend and my role model and hopefully your role model.  Michael will be sorely missed while he is away.

Dick Fitzpatrick

Assemblyman Dancer Invites the AHS FFA To Share How FFA Has Impacted Their Lives

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On Wednesday, March 3, 2016, I was honored to join several Allentown High School FFA members in response to an initiative of Assemblyman Ron Dancer, a strong supporter of vocational agriculture programming in the state, to provide testimony regarding a proposed bill related to FFA.

Our students testified about the importance of FFA and Agricultural Education in the development of well-rounded, passionate students. The students shared some of their own stories of how FFA has impacted our lives.

In attendance with me was Renée Stillwell, Jeremy Posluszny, Madison Lofgren, along with the NJ Jersey State Officers Hope Cahill, Hannah Mann, Myranda Bond and Morgan Rutar, and Stuart Faunce (Vice-President of the Allentown FFA Alumni and past NJ FFA State Officer).

Renee Stillwell is not only the AHS FFA President but comes from a family of FFA'ers. She has her own sheep production business and has also raised pigs in the past.

Jeremy Posluszny is more of the non-traditional FFA member who is advocating the awareness about the use of technology in agriculture and other non-traditional methods that someone can be involved without "having to live on a farm".

Madison Lofgren is one of our Choice Academic Academy student who chose to come to Allentown specifically so she could be involved in the FFA and take the Agricultural Education classes offered here because this is what she loves and is passionate about.

FFA Advisor Denise Emmons described how honored and excited the students were to represent Allentown High School.

“The pride they had in the fact that an organization that they hold close to their hearts was getting recognition on the state level was barely contained. They take so much pride in everything they do for this chapter, our state, and the National organization and being recognized in such an esteemed way just helped cement their belief that what they are doing is a good thing and something that needs to continue for many more generations,” Mrs. Emmons said.

Photo 1 Caption: 
L to R;  Stuart Faunce, Assemblyman Parker Space, Jeremy Posluszny, Madison Lofgren, Renée Stillwell, Assemblyman Ronald Dancer, Assemblyman Bob Andrzeiczak, Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling, Assemblywoman  Angela McKnight, NJ Jersey State Officers Hope Cahill, Hannah Mann, Myranda Bond, Morgan Rutar

Photo 2 caption:

L to R: Madison Lofgren, Jeremy Posluszny, and Renée Stillwell


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I am honored to announce the names of the UFRSD finalists for the Monmouth County Teacher 
Recognition Program. We have great respect for all our teachers and support workers, and greatly appreciate the many ways
 they place the education of all students as their highest priority!  Dr. Fitzpatrick

Mrs. Shannon Kocubinski, a teacher of Mathematics at Allentown High School, 
was selected as the teacher to represent our dynamic high school faculty as their teacher of the year!


Mrs. Jessica Bryant, a guidance counselor at SBM, was selected as the 
SBMS representative for the enthusiastic Stone Bridge faculty!


Mrs. Lynn Timmons, a first grade teacher and a NES liason to PTA, was 
selected to represent the talented faculty at NES!


Thanksgiving Greetings

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As we look ahead to the end of the year 2015 we are given the gift of Thanksgiving
 to pause, reflect and celebrate the many gifts we have.

Dear Parents and All Members of the UFRSD Learning Community,

As Thanksgiving Day gets closer, our excitement builds. We will spend countless hours shopping for just the right size turkey, preparing special recipes for relishes, desserts, and rolls, and we will do our best to recreate the traditional foods we remember from Thanksgivings in years gone by. As people of this great country, we celebrate just being together with family and friends, sharing stories from the past, and thinking about our hopes and dreams for the future.  Together we model traditions honored by our parents and grandparents, and hope that our children will remember the new memories created on this very special day of traditions and rituals.  

When we gather together with those we love on Thursday, we will make connections that will be repeated by our children, their children, and the children of their children. If we slip into our Thanksgiving conversations, words of kindness, appreciation, and gratitude, we will model appreciation and respect for those that planted, harvested and made this food available.


We teach our children about gratitude when we share words of thanks to those that lugged the food home from the market, prepared it, and when we acknowledge that we are blessed to have a table of plenty available to us. We teach appreciation when we share with our children that not every American will have a feast before them on this day. We teach kindness when we share with our children the fact that there are 7.3 billion people on planet earth and that many of them will never be able to stand in a Shop Rite and be amazed at the abundance of food that is always available for us to eat.

Together with the entire UFRSD Community, including the Board of Education, our faculty and administration, and,  2,366 of the nicest kids in America, I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! May you love every minute of your day, may you have many more thanksgivings to celebrate together, and may you always know how much we appreciate the many things you do for the children of the Upper Freehold Regional School District.

Dick Fitzpatrick

Welcome to my new blog!

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As the district moves toward teaching our students the collaborative skills they will need to be productive, I have moved my blog to this new site using the Google Apps for Education ecosystem we have embraced.  Please let me know what you think.

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